As can be gleaned from his passion-filled journey, Robert Foster is a man of incomparable strength and resilience. Being someone who has been through his fair share of hardships, he was able to walk away with a deeper understanding of his life purpose. As a matter of fact, he would not have become the motivational and inspirational figure he is today if he had not hit rock bottom. Looking back, the difficulties he faced in the past were nothing but formative tools carving out his path to success.  His passion is now showing others how to embrace public speaking, owning your failures in life while using them to inspire others, and ultimately helping you to forgive yourself for any wrongs you may have committed.  We are all human and can learn from one another.  Let me guide the way.  click the button below to get started for FREE.

Pumped up with energy and positivity, Robert can bring the room alive through inspiring stories and valuable wisdom. The speaker has also mastered facilitation work, providing various activities and team building programs that motivate teams, business owners, and students. Robert can speak before an intimate crowd and a conference with mastery and ease. “I find fulfillment in leaving attendees with a renewed sense of purpose and drive to be better at reaching for and achieving their goals,” shares Robert Foster. Thriving in the speaking sphere, the self-taught life coach currently has five awards as a speaker and various publication features, including appearances on Buzzfeed, The Authority, Thrive, and many other titles as well as national and  international tv appearances.

Today, the father, athlete and fitness coach has channeled his passion into a new calling: to help others break through their barriers and challenges and overcome whatever is holding them back from their goals and aspirations. He has built a career in the coaching and speaking sphere, giving keynote speeches and presentations in various events, schools, and business forums for fitness and service industry companies. 

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