Thank you for all you do Robert! You have given me the gift of hope!😊 With Respect & Gratitude, Jodi

– Dr. Jodi D

To me, Rob is the ultimate enabler to help me become a better version of myself – the version I want.

– Big Day Joe B

As Rob loves to remind me, I walked in the door saying I can’t squat, I can’t run, and I can’t jump. I walked out that first day able to squat. Now eight months later I am able to jog and hop...

– Meg C

Rob can definitely help you get results if you are willing to put in the work!

– Jessica D.

Rob pushes us because he knows what we can handle even if we think we can’t. Rob is an amazing coach and Rbf has become a permanent part of my life.

– Dawn S

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Why work with Robert B. Foster

His methods have proven to 5x your capacity to turn your experiences into powerful stories, inspire others, and achieve financial freedom.
He offers you a life-changing opportunity to become a better communicator, leader, or employee while making progress in your personal life.
Discover your inner strength and the power to break free from limiting beliefs and personal struggles holding you back from having your dream fulfilled.
Embrace Experiences: Do not discard those painful or bad experiences.
Gain clarity, amplify your capacity, and grow your authority as a leading voice in your field or industry.

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